Does Mixing Drinks Make You Sick? Here is the Truth!

“By no means combine grape with grain,” so goes the age-old recommendation on . Does drinks actually make you , or is it one thing else? Wine earlier than beer, you’ll really feel queer; liquor earlier than beer, you’re within the clear; beer earlier than liquor, by no means been sicker—does the order and the forms of alcohol one drinks have any reference to the way in which the physique reacts to it? If sure, the explanation for the worst hangover you’ve had is since you loved mixing drinks. If not, in all probability you don’t enable mixing drinks.

Mixing Beer, Wine, and Liquor: Alcohol Content material

Beer has very low alcohol content material and that is why you hardly get drunk after having a beer. Human physique will get used to getting drunk at a sure fee. Suppose you drank a beer or two after which switched to vodka photographs, your physique nonetheless thinks it’s getting drunk on the fee of the beer. You assume that you’re alright with the photographs and so that you drink quicker and subsequently you get sicker. You’ll be able to comply with the order in reverse: Liquor, Wine, and Beer.

However, Is Mixing Drinks Protected?

Completely different alcoholic drinks are digested in numerous methods. Beers and sure wines irritate the liner of the abdomen resulting in quicker absorption of alcohol into the blood. That is why beginning with beer after which including wine or liquor leads to quicker intoxication and worse hangover. It isn’t for mixing the several types of alcohol that you just get sick, however for the excessive quantity of alcohol your physique absorbs inside a brief time period that you just get sick. Mixing beer and liquor has nothing to get sick.

If Mixing Drinks is Protected, Why Cocktails Make You Sick?

Though mixing your drinks might not improve the general alcohol consumed, consuming cocktails does. The alcohol degree in cocktails are very excessive: clear drinks trigger much less extreme hangovers as a result of they comprise low degree of congeners.

Hangovers shouldn’t be blamed on mixing drinks, it’s the complete amount of alcohol consumed, not mixed, that influences intoxication and illness. So the following time somebody tells you that s/he was throwing up all night time as a result of s/he drank vodka after which some beers, inform him/her the reality: it wasn’t as a result of s/he blended alcohols, it was as a result of s/he simply drank an excessive amount of in too brief a time.


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